• Leopard Print Skinsuit

    A complete high-performance speedsuit
  • Leopard Print Leggings

    Quality fabric - Make sure you look your best
  • Cycling Underwear

    Be comfortable in your favourite outfit

What people say

  • These black and pink leopard print leggings feel great while working out. They conform to my body as I move around, don’t snag anywhere, and wicks away sweat as fast as it comes. It’s almost like my second skin.


  • I cycled for months through the mountains, plains and forests of Patagonia. The leopard print cycling leggings were comfortable, did not fade, and made sure I did not get sun burnt! The best is that people would come and speak to me and say they saw me months earlier through the window of a bus, and could still remember it because of the leggings.


  • I ordered these leopard style leggings to run in and they are absolutely the most comfortable ones I have ever had.
    The fun fact is that people stare at me while running past in the centre of Paris.


Handmade in the Netherlands

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