June 26, 2020

5 awesome USA cycling- and sportswear labels

LPRD ladies cycling wear brands from the USA

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the USA. The number of Americans taking bike trips has tripled each year between 1977 and 2009*. And as bike culture is on the rise, so are cycling wear labels. No longer do you have to choose between function and style, for these brands deliver on both fronts. 

All these awesome USA cycling- and sportswear labels make legit cool pieces designed with the cycling woman in mind. Want to find out our 5 favorites? Read on! 

10 Speed Hero cycling wear

  1. Ten Speed Hero

This cool, Chicago-based business offers cheerful and brightly colored printed cycling wear. Ten Speed Hero is run by a small group of bike enthusiastic friends. This was one of the first cycling wear labels. Yet they’ve maintained their authenticity, which shows in the products. 

You’ve got a wide range of choice in jersey’s, shorts, outerwear and more for both men and women. All pieces are designed considering the cyclist’s swiftness and determination. The Italian-made compressed lycra in the shorts guarantees ultimate comfort and practical use. 

Want to find out more about this brand? Check out their website


Machines For Freedom cycling wear

  1. Machines For Freedom

Why is Machines For Freedom so awesome, you ask? Well, not only do they produce top quality cycling wear, they’re very size-inclusive, extending from X-Small to XXX-Large. The founder of the brand, Jen Kriske, started out designing her signature Endurance Bib in 2013 from her Malibu living room. Up until then, she was unable to find a pair of cycling bibs that both functioned well on long rides still looked somewhat decent. 

Ever since Machines for Freedom has kept on improving its designs by analyzing years of bike data and using this knowledge to create the best fit for women. Because finding the perfect fit can be quite a challenge, the brand even offers an incredibly handy fit guide on their website

Gotten curious? Find out more on their website


Betty Designs cycling wear

  1. Betty Designs

Betty Designs’ logo features a skull over a butterfly, which captures the brand’s message beautifully: that women can be both strong and beautiful at the same time. Founder Kristin Mayer started the brand to fill the void in the women’s endurance sports market. What’s so cool about Betty Designs are the bold, playful patterns and graphics that give your cycling outfit that extra edge. 

The badass jerseys are made of very lightweight textures to ensure a tight fit. The bib shorts offer a women-specific chamois, which will keep you comfortable on even the longest of rides. Apart from awesome cycling wear, Betty Designs also offers Triathlon wear, swimwear, running gear, and casual accessories. 

Want to find out more about Betty Designs? Check out their website


Urbanist cycling wear

  1. Urbanist Cycling

Sure, jerseys, bib shorts, and outerwear are important. But what about the most essential part of your cycling outfit? Exactly, your underwear! Urbanist Cycling produces chamois underwear: stylish and comfortable during your bike ride. They have a foam insert sewn in for extra comfort. And the fun part is that these are actually very fashionable and you can wear them under your regular clothes as well. 

This means that you can enjoy a comfortable bike ride, even in your jeans or work clothes, thanks to your new best friend: a pair of chamois underwear! You can choose your favorite print as well: exotic leopard print (we’re a fan!), fun polka dots, sweet peaches, and many more. 

Gotten curious? Find out more on their website


God and Famous cycling wear

  1. God And Famous

This awesome, New-York based label offers some of the coolest designs with remarkable details. God and Famous was founded in 2012 and is committed to supporting the cycling community in any way. 

Although most of the pieces are designed for men, they offer some incredibly fun items that can be worn by women as well, such as socks and sweatshirts. 

Want to get to know the brand better? Read further on their website 

*Source: https://www.reliance-foundry.com/blog/biking-usa-europe


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