August 15, 2019

5 Dutch Design Cycling Wear Labels

LPRD Amsterdam Cycling Dutch Design

If there is one thing the Dutch are known for, it’s their blossoming cycling culture! This Dutch Design extends from bamboo bicycles to fashion forward cycling clothes to make you stand out in the peloton.
Bringing women's cycling clothing to the next level, we present you the finest Dutch brands for ladies cycling wear.

Susy Cyclewear cycling suit

Susy Cyclewear

Since 2016 Susy Cyclewear creates stylish cycling wear for women, with a minimalistic design aesthetic. Founded by Suzan, a cycling enthusiast from Arnhem - The Netherlands, she built up a new family with members who are all driven to help her during this journey to set up Susy Cyclewear, a stylish brand in women's cycling clothing.

Very proudly she presented her very first collection made up of nine items, which can be mixed and matched. The women's cycling clothing collection has been shaped by combining the latest fashion trends with the best breathable materials. Piece by piece, all items look stylish, sporty and feminine.

The fit of both the long and short cycling pants are shaped to women’s hips. The shape of the chamois has been adapted to prevent chafing and irritation. The foamy chamois cushions reduce friction, even with frequent use. The shirts are tailored to a woman’s waist and have neat details like a little pocket, soft flatlocks, a stretchable zipper and a reflector.

Curious about the brand? Click here to visit their website.


Iris CC cyclingwear for ladies

I R I S 

Colourful and comfortable, is what describes the clothes from I R I S (I Ride In Style), the best. The brand was founded by Iris Slappendel, an ex pro-cyclist. Starting from the ground up, she wanted to build a contemporary label and do it all her own way. Just like in her pro cycling career. Being part of the pro peloton for over a decade gave her the insight into what does and does not work on the road. 

This knowledge is used extensively throughout every aspect of the design process. But most importantly, technical function must not inhibit style. 

Her mission is to bring together performance, innovation and contemporary fashion. 

SO if you like to ‘mix & match’ your cycling outfit, this brand will be perfect for you! All the items can be combined to create a fresh and new outfit.

Want to see all the pieces to mix & match? Click here to visit the website.


Yellow Gear cycling kit for women

Yellow Gear

Yellow Gear was born in 2016 in the heart of Amsterdam, a city famous for its cyclists. The name takes cue from the iconic yellow jersey, that has been adorning shoulders of Tour leaders, since 1913.
We create modern, stylized, technical performance cycling clothing for female cyclists. Transcending the aesthetics of traditional cycle wear, by establishing a real connection between the mechanical gears and the female athletes that fuel them.
We like to think of Yellow Gear as a brand that caters to any kind of adventurous female cyclist. Whether you are a lone athlete riding the great Alps on a cold and misty morning, or an urban cyclist going for a sunny social ride with friends, with it’s bold colours and stand-out prints Yellow Gear has got you covered with women's cycling clothing.

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Ingeklikt Amsterdam cycling kit for women


Marloes from Ingeklikt has a clear misson: to make women stand out in traffic by fun and original prints. They do this partly for safety, but also to make the world of womens cycling more attractive. For them it’s the perfect confidence booster when someone at the traffic light compliments you on your outfit. This makes their clients happier cyclists and gets more people talking about their clothes, a win-win for the brand.

At Ingeklikt, they just love the fact that more and more women start cycling for fun as well. Which is no surprise to them, because who doesn’t think it’s fun to go fast, feel the wind blowing through your hair, enjoy nature, and burn a lot of calories at the same time.

Want to know more about Ingeklikt or check out the entire collection? Visit their website

AGU womens cycling clothes


After a merger in 1966, the Alkmaarse Groothandels Unie arose from a merger of three bicycle wholesalers. In the early years, AGU traded primarily in parts and accessories for bikes and scooters. In 1974, AGU introduced lightweight bike bags. 

However, the huge success and international breakthrough came in 1976 when AGU's rain suit won a design competition set up by the Dutch Ministry of Traffic and Waterways. More than 1 million of these iconic rain suits were sold throughout Europe, an extraordinary boost for the company.These 40 years of experience at the highest level still remain the basis of AGU's cycling collection today. Entirely in line with the AGU tradition, the range of cycling clothing answers to the needs of cyclists and mountain bikers at all levels. Reliable, functional and stylish cycling clothing and accessories, with recognizable AGU signature. For sun or rain, from high-value Premium products to high-quality basics in the Essential line, AGU keeps you biking every day.

View the entire AGU range on their website.