March 25, 2019

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Leopard

The leopard and five fun facts about this big cat you didn't know

Ah, the leopard. A fantastic animal full of grace and strength. We all know and love the leopard for its signature print. Most people also know about the leopard’s incredible speed. But we dare to bet that you didn’t know these 5 amazing facts about the gorgeous leopard.

1. Hear me roar!

Leopards are big cats. This allows them to make all different kinds of noises, sounding kind of like a domestic cat. For example: did you know that leopards can purr and meow just like your pet cat? Leopards can also communicate amongst each other through their own, unique calls. If a male leopard, for example, wants to let another leopard know that he’s around, he will make a cough noise that sounds very raspy. You’ll know when a leopard is angry, because that’s when they growl.

2. How do you like my coat?

The iconic leopard print is admired worldwide. Most leopards have a light-colored coat with dark spots on top. Did you know that those spots are called ‘rosettes’? This is because their shape looks somewhat like that of a rose. Another kind of leopard is the gorgeous black leopard. Although you might not be able to see it right away, these guys have a spotted coat as well. It’s just hard to see because their fur is very dark. 

3. Leave me alone

The leopard is a bit of a loner. Most of its life, the leopard spends in solitary. And they take great effort to keep it that way. For example, each leopard has its own territory. And to keep other leopards away, they mark it by scratching trees and leaving urine scent marks and poop. “Stay out of my space!” is what they’re saying with this. During mating season only, males and females will briefly cross territories. But for no longer than necessary. 

4. Skilled hunters

Leopards do not play around when it comes to hunting for food. These big cats have an effective hunting strategy. Once they spot their prey, they approach it very carefully, so as not to be seen. The leopard then stalks its prey without making a sound. Waiting until he can get as close as possible. When the big cat is about five to ten meters within range, it attacks! With one, swift move, the leopard takes down its victim by biting it in the throat or neck. And they’re not picky. Leopards will eat antelope and deer. But also bugs, fish, rodents, and monkeys. 

5. A creature of the night

Leopards are nocturnal animals. This means they are mostly active after the sun has set. During the night, they go out in search for food. What do they do during the day, you might ask? Well, mainly resting up high in a tree or hiding out in a cave. They’ll need their energy again for hunting the next night.