August 06, 2018

7 tips & tricks for female road cyclist (in a male dominated sport)

LPRD ladies cycling tips in skinsuit

The freedom of road cycling is indescribable! The open road, wind in your hair, fresh air and the simplicity of the sport make it into an activity that lot’s of women enjoy.
Not until too long ago, road-cycling was a sport mostly dominated by men. Classic competitions like the Tour de France and the Giro in Italy are still only available to male riders.
Entering a bike-shop you would only see clothing for men, and the attitude was about being tough and hardcore - no pain no glory.
But the female cyclist is on the rise! And needless to say, us ladies generally have a different approach  to cycling.
Hereby we’d like to give you seven tips that can help you on the road as a female rider:


  1. Bicycle Knowledge
    One of the most essential things about cycling is understanding your bicycle! Lots of bike-shops and cycling clubs offer workshops and training to get to know your bike. From your crank to your brakes, or simply learning how to fix your flat tube. It all helps to make you feel more confident on the road.
  2. Comfortable Cycling Clothes
    Every woman has her preference when it comes to cycling clothes, from bib-shorts, to skinsuits to short hotpants. Make sure you ride around in what makes you feel comfortable, which can take some trial and error but once you’ve found the brands and fit you like you’re ready to roll!
  3. Peloton
    Join a (ladies) cycling club to start cycling. Also because you’ll learn all about the do’s and don'ts of road-cycling. Riding in a larger group of cyclists (the peloton) has a few ground rules to keep everyone safe.
  4. Falling
    You can be as careful as you like, but chances are that you will fall… Whether it’s in front of the traffic light because you forgot to unclip your shoe, or slipping on an off-camber road, it is part of the game. You can help yourself by always wearing a helmet and cycling gloves to protect your hands.
  5. Friendship
    Even though cycling can be a very individualistic sport, it is a great way to maintain your friendships! Going for a bike-ride with your friends is a nice way to catch-up. Even if you can’t really talk whilst cycling (if you’re really stepping up the pace), chatting with your mates during the well deserved break on a nice terrace with a fresh cup of coffee is totally worth-it.
  6. Outside is Free
    One of the best things about cycling, is that you can be outside! All you need is your bicycle and you can start pedaling. Enjoy the landscape and nature whilst you're also getting your workout done, what more can you ask for.
  7. Fun & Grace
    Last tip is to enjoy and have a good time on your bicycle! Respect the other users on the road, be courteous and smile :)