9 facts about LPRD

May 27, 2020

LPRD Sportswear Handmade in Amsterdam

Get to know our business a bit better, here are 9 facts about LPRD that we think you did not know, enjoy!

  1. Handmade in Amsterdam ❌❌❌
    Searching for the right way to produce our garments, we decided that the best way to do it was to stay local. We’ve set up the production in our own studio in Amsterdam, so we can design and make our sportswear more efficiently and sustainably.
    When we say ‘Amsterdam Handmade Sportswear’ this truly means that our items are made by hand, in Amsterdam, for you to enjoy your workouts and bike rides with a touch of leopard print.

  2. Banana Shammie 🍌
    Why stop designing when you’ve created the outside of the garment, when you can also create something fun on the inside? That is why we decided to add a fun print to our cycling padding / chamois / shammie, or however you’d like to call it. This padding is ergonomically shaped to fit the female anatomy, and perfect for long-distance rides.
    We’ve also got a version for indoor cycling or short distances, printed with pineapples, to stick with our tropical fruits theme.

  3. Our own print design 🎨
    We have a true love for leopard print. So when creating a sportswear label based on this iconic pattern, it had to be the right one. All of our prints are unique and designed by us, hand drawn or computer generated and printed on sportswear fabrics.

  4. Sustainable fabrics ♻️
    Whenever we can, we try to make a conscious choice to have a minimal impact on the environment and resources. This is a continuous process, trying to find suppliers for fabrics, printing techniques, labels or packaging. This doesn’t mean that we are perfect and climate neutral, but we do our best.

  5. Minimal Stock Policy 🚫
    At LPRD we are very aware of the overproduction that is happening in the garment industry. When trying to create a solution for this problem we’ve decided to maintain a Minimal Stock Policy. This implies that whenever an item of clothing is purchased, the item is made by hand, specifically for that particular women. So you might have to wait a couple of days longer than you’re used to, but in the end you will own a sportswear item that is made especially for you. 

  6. Tested in South America 🚴‍♀️🏕️⛰️
    Making sure that the fabrics and chamois in our cycling clothes are truly premium quality, Team LPRD went on a cycling trip in 2018. During that trip we’ve covered over 5000 km through South America, wearing matching leopard print cycling leggings. And we can happily say that the padding and the fabrics survived the test.

  7. Performance & Functionality 💪
    With every item we make, we want to make sure that it is functional and comfortable so that you’ll be able to boost your performance when spending long hours on the bicycle.
    And our items aren’t just designed for cycling, but for all kinds of sports such
    as running, spinning, pilates or yoga. And in your well-deserved post-workout break, these items also make for a stylish outfit when you’re chilling in your favourite café or popping by the stores.

  8. Love for leopard print (and leopards!) 🐆♥️
    Leopard print. You love it or you hate it. We are such big fans of the spotted pattern that we’ve decided to build a brand based on the print. And we know that there is not just one kind of leopard print. Besides the classic Signature Leopard items, we’ve also got the stylish Midnight Leopard and the upbeat Pink Leopard. And also items in black with subtle leopard print details.Everyone can be fast like a leopard!

  9. Made To Measure 📏✂️🧵
    Since we have our own studio and only make a garment when the order is placed, it allows us to also take on requests with special wishes. This can be in terms of print, look or fit. We have made custom made-to-measure outfits for clients that are not happy with the standard size, because every body shape is unique!
    But we have also designed outfits with custom prints, details and other requests.
    So if you have something special in mind that you can't find in the shops, try us! And we might be able to make your activewear dream come true...

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Summer Break

LPRD leopard printed sportswear and cycling wear on a summer break

Team LPRD is taking a summer break from the design studio, we will be back in August 2021 to create your leopard print sportswear again!

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