July 23, 2020

Fresh from the LPRD Design Studio: Bibshorts 2.0 in the making

LPRD bibshorts for female cyclists

Sometimes you need to flip and reverse your designs, add a touch of Corona crisis to the mix and a new and improved, bathroom-break-friendly version of our bibshorts is born.

Let us explain a little how these new bibs came about: we share a studio space in Amsterdam with (amongst others) talented artist / photographer Cil Laurens, who also happens to be a cycling enthusiast.

When Corona lockdown arrived she continued her rides, but one thing made it more complicated, bathroom breaks… All of the cafes and bars were obviously closed, and since she (like many cyclists) prefers to ride in bib shorts, a pee-break on the side of the road is not that easy. She confessed one day that she would even drink as little water as possible during her trips, so that she doesn't have to stop during her bike rides.

Well, I thought, this is one problem that we could fix! We examined our current bibs, and as mentioned before, decided to flip and reverse the hook fasting.
This feature now makes it super easy to unhook your shorts, pull down the bottom part for your bathroom breaks (on the side of the road or in a cafe, as you prefer). The long ribbon makes it simple to grab hold of the tab again to hook the bibs back into place. Easy peasy!

The design of the front, with the strap in the middle, has stayed the same. This makes sure that the shoulder straps can’t slide off.


Detail of the back hook closure of the bib shortsThe bibs that you see on the pictures are the sample that we have made especially for Cil, and she has tried and tested them on several rides, drinking lots of water so she has many reasons to stop and test the features of these bibs. And we can happily say that they work well.

We will recreate these bibs in our Signature Leopard print and in Black. They will be available soon in our webshop.

Can’t wait for them to be online? Send us a message and will make you a pair asap.

Photography by Cil Laurens.


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