April 04, 2019

How to get the most out of Your Yoga Workout

LPRD pink leopard print yoga
Yoga is a great way to exercise and relax at the same time. It’s becoming a more and more popular sport among all kinds of people. But it can be difficult to fully maximize the benefits you get out of your yoga workout. Most of us lead busy lives and we have only limited time to work out. So when you do, it’s nice to know that you’re getting the most out of it. Try these tips on how to make the most of your yoga workout.

  1. Be fully present
    You will get the most out of your yoga workout if you’re as present as you can possibly be. Really try to get your focus in the here and now! You can do this by putting your phone on airplane mode from the moment you leave your house on your way to yoga class. That way, you can stop the endless stream of information from the moment you leave home. It will give you the chance to clear your mind. Don’t put your phone back on until you get home again. Or wait a little longer, if you like.

  2. Stay longer in one pose
    The amount of time you stay in one pose depends on the type of yoga that you do and your level of experience. To really maximize the effect of a yoga pose, however, try to stay in that pose for a good long while. In the beginning this might be hard and you might only be able to manage for 30 seconds. But don’t give up! Over time, you’ll be able to stay in one pose for longer and longer. This is good for you, because your body needs time to slowly surrender to a certain pose.

  3. Breathe
    Some advice: don’t forget to breathe! Don’t try to force your breath during yoga. Instead, let it come naturally. A certain pose can cause a certain way of breathing. Just allow this to happen and observe it as if you were a spectator. At other times, it might help to mindfully ‘send’ your breath to an area of your body where you’re experiencing tension. Use your breath as a focus point to stay present.

  4. Take your time to feel your body
    If you’ve just finished a pose, it’s important to take your time and experience how the pose made your body feel. Do you feel tension, tingling or heat anywhere in your body? Where exactly? Is it a subtle or an intense feeling? The best way to notice this is to lie flat on your back and relax your body completely once you’re done with your yoga workout. After a while, you will notice how the sensations will fade away and leave you with a nice, relaxed feeling throughout your entire body. If you really take the time for this step, you will become more sensitive for the energy flowing through your body.

Image featuring personal trainer Sita Willemse, photo by Nuri Golightly