April 11, 2019

New collection in collaboration with SCHUELLER DE WAAL

LPRD new collection bibshorts for fashionable cycling

LPRD is thrilled to announce the launch of a new stylish sustainable sportswear line designed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based fashion labels SCHUELLER DE WAAL. A unique partnering, resulting in sporty pieces which allow you to flow from work-out to workwear with ease.

This functional collection is created for the fashion-forward athlete. The leggings and top form the perfect pair for a comfortable yoga or pilates session. Wear the high-performance cycling bib-shorts during your indoor spinning lesson or outdoor road cycling trip.

SCHUELLER DE WAAL designed the unique leopard-inspired print for this collection. In its natural habitat, the print of a leopard print camouflages this powerful predator, whereas in its fashion origins it is a symbol of exotic luxury and wealth. This print design merges these references, embracing the vision of both labels, and aims to empower the wearers physical capacity with energising colour.
All items us high-quality stretch fabric made from recycled polyamide. Besides stylish, all items in this collection are also sustainable.
This entire sportswear range is made by hand in the Amsterdam-based LPRD studio.

The SDW X LPRD collection is exclusively available in our webshop and at schuellerdewaal.

SCHUELLER DE WAAL equals fashion design duo Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal. The label and design studio SDW create fashion statements and capsule collections in which they research and suggest Fashion as Therapy. ‘FASHION THERAPY’ as term has a double meaning for the designers. It stands for a time where the fashion system urgently needs to be re-envisioned and transformed; on the one hand it means a more sustainable production of garments and on the other searching for a new relevance of fashion. Can fashion have other forms than garments? And how can these different forms of fashion have a positive impact on the industry, community and the world. ‘FASHION THERAPY’ is not only a method to use fashion as catalyst for change but also the vision of experimenting with ‘fashion’ as actual ‘therapy’.