January 21, 2019

Updates for the new year - 2019 here we come!

Ready for the new year with LPRD leopard print sportswear

Reaching the end of 2018, the LPRD team is looking back at a very eventful year! We started off cycling through Patagonia, covering more than 5000 km on our bicycle wearing matching leopard printed leggings. After that we’ve had a good season, including a pop-up shop in the city center of Amsterdam. And as we are writing this post, the LPRD team is in Cape Town for some research and development.

All this is making us even more excited for the new year - 2019 - and we’d like to share some fun things with you that will be happening.



For this season we have decided to partner up with two different fashion brands from Amsterdam. They both have been asked to show us their vision of leopard print, and have come up with unique designs! Their patterns will be printed on our high-quality fabric made from recycled yarns.

A limited series of sportswear items will be made with these prints, in collaboration with the designers, and should be available for spring 2019.

Besides partnering up with fashion designers, we are working on another collaboration with a very talented yogi. Together we will design the perfect yoga outfit, with unique print inspired by leopards.


Pop-up shop in Amsterdam

For all of you that want to touch, feel and try-on the LPRD collection (and see the products we’ve designed with our collaborators) we will have another pop-up store in Amsterdam! From the 27th of May till 2nd of June you can come and check out our sportswear.


Product updates

  • Wide leg gripper tape
    We are also constantly trying to perfect and improve the quality of our clothing. This means that we have been sourcing new silicone leg gripper tape, and selected items in the new collection will be made with this 75mm wide tape. Hemming the cycling shorts with a wider band will be more comfortable and therefore your bike-rides will be even more enjoyable!

  • Recycled fabric
    As mentioned before, the patterns that we’ve developed with our collaborations will all be printed on a fabric made from recycled yarn. Sustainability is important to us, so we strive to make ethical and choices that have less impact on the environment. So you can do your workouts with a clear conscience 😉

  • New Styles
    We have been developing some new styles to add to our range of workout clothes, including a top for the gym and a catsuit for yoga or dancing.


All that said, we are looking forward to 2019, where we can be fast like a leopard!