Cycling Undies | Leopard Original

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The Cycling Hipster Undies are designed for the city, the gym, spinning and for short/medium distance rides. We made the cycling underwear small and comfortable with an inconspicuous pad that fits under your normal clothes. Thus you can use it under skirts, jeans or shorts for when you have to travel short to medium distances to visit friends, the local pub or hang out on the beach.

We designed the underwear to bring comfort to you when you are spending more time on the saddle in your everyday life. The cycling underwear is perfect for spinning classes and can be worn comfortably underneath the LPRD leggings to create the perfect gym combo. With this covert cycling gear you can be comfortable on the bicycle without looking like a spandex sport fanatic.

We used a pad especially designed for indoor sports women, thus the pad dries quickly, is comfortable to run in and is perfect for short to medium distances on the saddle. We created a unique pineapple design for fun LPRD twist to your underwear.

The elasticated waistband makes sure that the underwear remains comfortable even when worn for a longer period of time.