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Most Used Animal Prints Explained
Most Used Animal Prints Explained

by Anneloes Ouwehand June 13, 2018

Mistaking a cheetah-print for a leopard-print? Or a leopard-print for a tiger-print? No more need to be confused! Check this post to see which is which and be in the know about the most used animal prints.

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Reduce bicycle pack weight while cycle touring

by Adrian Cooke June 10, 2018

It is often quite simple to reduce the weight of your packed cycle touring bicycle. We provide a few hints on how to do this. By having a lighter bicycle you can have more fun, its easier to cycle or push your bicycle. There is also less wear and tear on the bicycle.

Do not worry too much about weight, on a bicycle it is not as important as hiking! The bicycle carries your baggage for you. There is always space for a leopard print legging.

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