June 10, 2020

5 Cool British Design Cycling Wear Labels

LPRD british cyclingwear labels for women

For a while, mainly in the Eighties and Nineties, there weren’t a lot of British brands that produced cycling clothing. Most manufacturers that did, delivered bright neon-colored chaos, overloaded with brand names. Especially for women, quality British cycling wear that also looked fashionable was hard to come by. 
However, in the past few years, women's cycling has been on the crest of a wave in the UK. And even more women in Britain are taking to their bikes. Luckily, there’s also been an increase in functional, yet fashionable cycling wear labels that cater specifically to women. 
These are, in our humble opinion, the five coolest British brands for women’s cycling wear. 


  1. Velovixen

    Velovixen is a family-run UK business just outside Oxford. It was founded by wife and husband Liz and Phil in 2012. The idea to create the brand came to them during a 10,000-kilometer bike ride through South America. Liz had found it challenging to find cycling gear that made her feel confident and feminine but that could also withstand tough conditions. 
    She and her husband Phil created Velovixen to offer women more variety in quality products: cycling wear that makes you feel more comfortable on your bike and in your skin. For 6 years, Velovixen was the place to get the best brands in women’s cycling kits. Now, since 2018, they’ve created their own line of cycling clothing: Velovixen range
    The Velovixen cycling clothing collection features fun designs and bold colors. The understated bibless shorts are designed for the female body and ultra-comfortable. Thanks to the broad leg cuffs, your shorts will remain in place without having to fear ‘sausage leg’. The colorful jerseys offer four pockets on the back for all those essential items. 

    Want to find out more about this brand? Check out their website

  2. Stolen Goat

    Hampshire-based cycling wear label Stolen Goat was founded in 2012 by Tim Bland, who grew tired of his corporate ‘9 to 5’ job and decided to turn his cycling passion into a platform for lovers of freedom. Stolen Goat’s mission is to inspire people to find freedom through sport so that they can live happier, healthier lives. 
    Happiness can be found in little things. Such as a cycling outfit with a unique design. One look at the women’s collection of Stolen Goat will tell you that these items are something else. Bold stripes, leopard print, nebulas, lemons, and jellyfish: these are just some of the fun and unique patterns that are featured on the women’s cycling clothes from Stolen Goat. Our favorite might be the Star Wars collection.
    But it’s not just an awesome look that these cycling clothes have going for them. The women’s pieces are designed specifically to fit the female body. Thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric, your items will fit perfectly. In addition to the standard 3 easy-to-reach rear pockets, the jerseys also come with a zipped fourth pocket with water-resisted inner lining. 

    If you’ve gotten curious about Stolen Goat, make sure to check out their website.

  3. Findra

    In December 2014, Findra was launched by Scottish fashion designer and cycling enthusiast Alex Feechan. Findra is located in the small textile village of Innerleithen. Over the years, Alex found that there weren’t a lot of options in outdoor clothing for women that were functional, attractive, and comfortable. 
    Wanting to do something about this gap in the market, Alex used her 20+ years in the fashion industry to create Findra. Ever since the business has grown and has been awarded for its innovative clothing. Since 2018, the brand also added menswear to their collection, providing comfortable, good looking, and high-performance clothing for him and her. 
    The Merino tops form a special part of the Findra collection. Made from ethically sourced Merino wool from Australia, this top allows for perfect temperature regulation without irritating the skin. Thanks to the special properties of Merino wool, the clothing won’t smell, even after wearing it day in day out. It’s lightweight, fast-drying and very packable. These tops are not only extremely comfortable, they’re stylish as well. You can go straight from the mountain tops to the pub.

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  4. No Such Thing Clothing

    Based in London, No Such Thing Clothing is a fashion brand for women who ride. It was created by fashion designer Clare Farell in 2014. Clare often found herself cycling in her personal collection of coats and jackets or was forced to turn to men’s bike jackets. That’s when she decided to come up with a solution that allows you to arrive by bike, looking and feeling smart and fashionable. 
    The iconic fishtail trench coat was the first piece in her collection, delivering on No Such Thing’s promise of functionality and style. Since then the collection has grown into a modest range of elegant pieces, that mix very well together. Every item is waterproof tailored and fashionable.
    The striking Tyvek Bomber is paper-light and can be packed down into one of 2 inside back pockets to form a small bag. All pieces include some form of a reflective stripe, so you can be easily spotted when you’re cycling at night. The items of No Such Thing prove that there really is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. 

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  5. Morvélo

    The hip Brighton-based cycling wear brand Morvélo was launched in 2009 by good friends and keen cyclist Oli Pepper and David Marcar. They started out producing a line of t-shirts and a cycling kit, which they sold to family and friends. Morvélo is an inclusive brand for men and women for all types of cycling, from BMX to road.
    The men and women collection of road jerseys give a very stylish, retro vibe. And they don’t break the bank. The road jerseys cost ₤75 and bib shorts are priced at ₤90. According to founders Oli and David, cycling should be fun, vibrant, creative, and exciting. And that’s exactly what you get with their collection.
    The women’s bib shorts are made with premium Lycra and consist of award-winning dual layer perforated chamois. The lightweight straps allow for maximum ventilation and the paneled construction makes sure the shorts fit you like a glove. The jerseys are lightweight and breathable. The entire collection looks fun, quirky, and playful. 

    Curious about this brand? You can check out more here


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