A peek into the studio where we create our stylish cycling clothing.

May 29, 2018

 We would like to show you how we create our stylish cycling clothing. This video shows the process that we go through to cut, sew and pack our fashionable bib shorts. The video shows the actual creation of these stylish shorts for a customer who ordered them from Denmark!

We design our outfits ourselves, which means that we have to first:

  1. Design our leopard print for the fabrics.
  2. Get this stylish black and blue print printed on the fabric.
  3. Design the pattern for the outfit.
  4. Cut the pattern.
  5. Cut the fabric.
  6. Do all the sewing!
  7. Pack the outfits.
  8. And of course ship it to Denmark. We use a bicycle courier to do the last mile delivery!

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